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A platform that offers full automated testing coverage for any e-commerce website.

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First ever cloud based full automated testing coverage platform for any e-commerce website.​

Full Automated Testing Coverage
Full Automated Testing Coverage
Full automated testing coverage ranging from tests for: accounts, search, add to cart, buying products, shipping, email receiving, and so much more
Cloud Based Platform
Cloud Based Platform
You will have access to your dashboard where you can run in cloud all of your selected tests
No additional effort is need from client
No additional effort is need from client
You only provide the platform with the dev or UAT or staging environment on which the tests will run and nothing more.
Fast testing feedback loop
Fast testing feedback loop
While it would take the manual qa days to run a full regression you will have the same results in a matter of MINUTES
Parallel sites and runs
Parallel sites and runs
Imagine that if you are developing 5 e-commerce websites in parallel and you have the ability to test them all at once .. how many hours you save both in idle development time until qa finishes... and qa manhours
// Questions and answers
  • How does it work
  • WebShopQa is a subscription based platform that allows you to test your in development e-commerce website. Depending on your subscription you will have access to wide array of automated test that you can run in cloud. All you have to do is check the tests you want to run and execute the run. At the end you will will see the run results and see if any new changes have broken or not your current app.
  • Can I use it for multiple websites in development?
  • Yes, you can have as many websites as you want, each being a different job in your dashboard. You can run them all at once or at different times.. it is up to you
  • Do we as a development team need to be involved somehow?
  • No, we do not require any help from development(e.g special selectors, db accesses, api... etc) We do not require any of this things because all is done from a black box testing perspective)
  • What advantages does WebShopQa bring me?
  • If you have 1 manual qa for instance, it takes him/her 2-3 DAYS for a full regression on one website(there are probably multiple websites in development at the same time)....WebShopQa brings the same result approx 1 hour. You can get such a test feedback for each merge-request without development time being down while testing is being done for the new features
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  • Can I change the website that is being run on my subscription?
  • No you cannot, each subscription is per website, meaning that each subscription is one website, if youn want another website you have to make another subscription for it. Once you no longer a website tested you just cancel your subscription