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The Real Costs of Hiring Cheap Developers Instead of Professionals

Hiring a new software developer for your business isn’t child’s play. You have to screen through a list of potential clients and select the one that you deem perfect for your organization’s culture and offering. Once done, you train that employee and make them perfect for the job at hand. When the recruitment and training are completed, can you send them to do the actual work.

Now, this process is not only time extensive, but it also requires additional monetary investment. Hiring a new software developer for your firm can cost you in excess of $31,970 in recruiting and training costs alone.

Now, with this kind of investment, you expect your recruitment to weave magic for you, and make their presence felt. But, if the hiring is wrong, you will have to face numerous repercussions. Just wait and ask yourself this question. What if your employee isn’t fit for the job? What if hiring them was the wrong decision? More importantly, what happens if you hire the wrong person?

Many organizations hire the wrong employees, hoping that they will prove worthy over time. But there is a certain cost you have to pay for hiring cheap developers.

Costs of Hiring a Cheap Developer

Obviously, there are numerous implications of hiring the wrong developer. Here we mention the real costs of hiring cheap developers instead of professional developers. Studying the costs in detail will let you know why you should always think of a professional while hiring developers.

Cost Damage 

We have discussed in great detail the damages to the business’s kitty, if you make the wrong hiring. Hiring a bad developer can signal significant cost damages, including the money you will have to shell out to get their immediate replacement. You cannot possibly stick with a bad hire, because you spent some money on the recruitment process. Hence, you would have to be quick in finding someone new, so that the damage in operations can be managed.


Hiring a bad developer would mean that you will now have to spend the same time again in the market, looking for other possible employees. This leads to a lot of downtime, with the seat remaining empty throughout this period. Who will handle the job description of the developer not in the office currently? Thus, you have to be quick with the decision-making process to ensure that you get the right person for the job quickly as well.

Operational Damage 

As much as you train a bad developer, they still wouldn’t get the hang of your business and the work you’re doing. With their limited knowledge, they will put at risk the reputation of your business and endanger many of your operational work. It is only after they mess up with certain projects that you will realize how bad they are for the organization. By the time you find that out, the damage would have been too much for you to change or alter.

How to Manage Tough Employees 

Tough employees can be the hardest thing for a manager to combat. Contracts, budgets, plans, objectives, and appraisals might make managers sweat, but none of this compares to the mental fatigue and stress that comes with dealing with rogue employees in the workplace.

A difficult employee isn’t always an employee that is getting in trouble frequently or is brewing office conspiracies. This could also be someone who is under-performing for a long time and isn’t taking the responsibilities under their current job position seriously. A difficult employee could be someone who knowingly keeps breaking the rules, keeps slacking in their work and fails to do a simple task multiple times. Add to this their disrespectful nature and you have a situation in the workplace.

This section provides a few tips and techniques managers can follow in disciplining tough employees in their organization. These tips come from managers in the corporate world and will help you through tough conversations.

Maintain Documentation 

Perhaps the most important thing to do while disciplining tough employees or rogue workers is to maintain documentation. The last thing you want is a lack of documentation to record the progress you thought you had made. The employee will backtrack on their previous promises or claims and the lack of documentation will not help you substantiate the previous agreement they had agreed to.

Always record the agreements you reach with them on a piece of official paper and take their sign on it. This can be held against them if they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again without the threat of repercussions.

Don’t be Afraid to Discipline Good Employees 

A tough employee could be someone who’s performing well in their role. How do you handle them, then? Do you let their behavior pass by? No, you don’t! Make sure you are consistent in the way you deal with tough employees, especially when the person in context is a good performer. Give them a rap on the knuckles when you feel they’re out of place.

Challenge Them 

A tough employee could well just be bored with the monotony of tasks assigned to them and could be looking for a change in JDs, without actually realizing that. As a manager you should look to take a proactive approach to the matter by challenging them and giving them new tasks whenever they show signs of disrespect and rogue behavior. Use their rebellious nature to help them grow beyond limits.

To limit the chances of a bad developer sabotaging your business process, you can get the help of a consultancy firm like ours. We at (name of firm) help our clients fulfill their developmental needs, without the risk of a bad hire in the picture.



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