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Save Money and Effort with Automated Testing

The software development sphere has greatly changed from what it used to be back in the day. Not only do we now see extreme competition between companies, but there is also an additional emphasis on understanding customer behavior and serving them based on that inference. The changes in customer behavior have to be accounted for in the selling process, with the end goal being to close leads as soon as possible.

Customers have become educated and aren’t naïve enough to fall for age-old practices anymore. The changing dynamics of the market call for change at a molecular level as well through automated testing.

Our advanced testing methods have been tried and tested on different brands. However, we don’t carry a one size fits all strategy. Our methods are crafted on a customized basis, with the goal being to ensure that the sales personnel are helped to reach their maximum growth potential by the end of the training session.

In this article, we look at IT-managed services and explore the costs that can be covered through the automation of testing procedures. We cover the costs by studying IT managed services.

Automated Testing by IT Managed Services Pricing

Managed IT services are offered by experienced outsourcing companies to small or medium-sized enterprises without the capabilities of developing their own IT department. These outsourced capabilities vary in nature, potentially based on the requirements of the organization in context. The outsourcing helps take the pressure off your internal team, as the MSP or the managed services provider takes charge and looks over day-to-day IT operations.

IT Service Pricing Considerations and Driving Factors 

The price charged by an IT service provider varies from firm to firm, based on multiple factors. These factors driving the total price include:

  • The Number of Employees: The total number of employees working in an organization has a direct impact on the price quoted by a managed services provider. For instance, an organization with more employees will have to pay more than another organization with fewer employees for the same suite of services. The work your employees do also has an impact on the total costs, as you might have to pay more if the functions they perform require constant IT support.
  • IT Support Setup: The support setup expenses can also influence the cost of your managed services. Organizations can choose between fully managed, co-managed, and internal IT support arrangements, as costs may vary for all these options. The configurations lead to different expenditures.
  • Data Stored: The data you have can also directly or indirectly impact your IT support costs. You may have to pay more if the data you have in your systems requires constant monitoring and is of a sensitive nature. Additionally, the size of the data can also influence costs. Sensitive data may require additional programs and protocols that cost money. Also, additional data will have to be stored across different storage sources leading to more costs.
  • Upgrades and Improvements: The costs charged by your MSP will be higher if you require frequent upgrades and improvements. You may need innovations from time to time if your industry requires continuous IT development. New and improved cyber security measures will also have to be incorporated based on the sensitivity of your data.
  • Maintenance and Issues: The amount of maintenance required to handle your IT infrastructure can also determine costs. Legacy systems are prone to more complications and don’t sit well with the cloud infrastructure; hence they will suffer problems from time to time. Medical institutions with health information will require frequent updates to remain safe, hence will be charged more.
  • IT Company: The MSP you work with can also influence the total cost you pay. Different MSPs charge different rates. The end amount you pay will be determined by the MSP you work with and the quality of the service they provide.

Pricing Methods 

The pricing for managed IT services is broken down into the following categories:

Type Price Benefits
Break/Fix Pricing Single price based on an hourly rate You pay as you go forward
Per Device Pricing $5 to $100 per device per month You have significant control over the coverage  More predictable pricing structure  24/7 coverage is mostly included
Managed Service $100 to $150 charged per user per month Most predictable pricing method  Team of experts available  24/7 coverage mostly available  Most hardware coverage and network protection offers

Break/Fix Managed Services Pricing

Break/Fix IT services are exactly what the name sounds like; you only get to use them when something requires fixing or goes wrong. These services are mostly offered at premium rates because the MSPs know that you might not possibly return to them ever and that you’re in a state of desperation and need help – it doesn’t sound pretty, but that’s how the world works.

Break/fix pricing is charged by the hour and rates can be upwards of $100 per hour. While these services can fix issues you have suffered, they cannot bring back the lost data or rectify the processes that are already screwed.

Per Device Pricing

This MSP model works like a pick and choose ‘a la carte’ model. Organizations get protection for the device they want protected, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to protect only your computer systems, you pay the price for that. If you want only your network protected, you pay the price for that. Service calls come with additional rates; hence businesses should keep an eye out for them. The service is like purchasing full protection for equipment you wish to insure or protect in simpler terms.

Managed Services per User Contract Pricing

This is the final and full-stack service provided by most MSPs.  This is a comprehensive service plan that not only protects your systems and networks, but also maintains your technology equipment, provides expert consultation when required and also offers help desk support around the clock.

Managed IT services have the most significant impact on cost and are influenced by the number of people in your organization and the complexity/sensitivity of the data you use. The costs can hover between $100 and $150 per user, per month.

Automated testing can help save money if used in the right way. By reducing manual testers, organizations enjoy better results and better outcomes.



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